War on Education

Regie: Stefano Di Pietro, NL, 57 MIN, Ukrainian / English with English subtitles,


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Ukraine has rightfully received widespread news coverage since Russia launched its full-scale invasion in February 2022.

Most of the information has been about the military operations, the humanitarian crisis and international affairs. Not much attention has been given to the ideology behind the invasion and the role of education in this conflict. By mixing micro-stories of brave teachers, and an in-depth analysis of the education system by authorities, academics, and NGOs, “War on Education” investigates the current situation of the school system and the historical reform happening in a time of war.

The misuse of history by Putin, including the introduction of a single history schoolbook and the systematic attacks on education, is the result of an ancient strategy that finds its origins in the times of the Tsars. The Russian army is systematically targeting Ukrainian educational institutions and state actors deny Ukrainian identity and right to exist as a Nation.

This is happening because they know that education is a weapon they have been using to impose their views on past, present and future generations… Ukrainians’ resilience shows what a people can do if they are united to change things. War on Education tells a story that, while only touched on the surface by major international newspapers, urges mainstream attention.