Eng Subs: Samsara

Regie: Lois Patiño, Spain, Laos, 113 MIN, Swahili/Laotian with English subs, 16+

Cast: Amid Keomany, Juwairiya Idrisa Uwesu, Simone Milavanh

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Important notice
Samsara contains an interactive scene, around 15 minutes long, where the audience is encouraged to join in a meditative exercise. To achieve this meditative state, the audience is exposed to a series of visual stimuli including stroboscopic lighting effects. While impressive, these effects may have a negative impact on some viewers, like those who may be sensitive to flashing lights and/or those suffering from epilepsy. The scene in question is also clearly marked and announced in advance in the film itself.

| English subtitles |

Every morning, a Buddhist teenager visits an elderly woman’s home to read her The Bardo Thödol, a guide for the journey between death and the next rebirth. On her last day, the young man whispers the book’s final passages in her ear, closes his eyes, and meditates alongside her, as she embarks on a transformative journey into what lies beyond.

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  • A beautiful and unusual film... El Pais