Eng Subs: C’è Ancora Domani

Regie: Paola Cortellesi, Italy, 108 MIN, Italian with English subtitles, 6+

Cast: Valerio Mastandrea, Vinicio Marchioni, Giorgio Colangeli

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A cinematic seismic event of Barbenheimer proportions has taken place in Italy, where actress/director Paola Cortellesi’s C’è Ancora Domani (There’s Still Tomorrow) brought in crowds of Italians to the cinema for months and months on end.

In what is astonishingly her directorial debut, writer-director-star Cortellesi (joined by co-writers Giulia Calenda and Furio Andreotti) managed to craft a film that speaks to the very core of a nation, bringing together generations of Italians — and Italian women, in particular — and effortlessly blending neorealism with comedy.

Source: Loud & Clear Reviews