Cine Expat: The Wild Goose Lake

Regie: Diao Yinan, China, 113 MIN, , 16+

Cast: Fan Liao, Lun-Mei Kwei, Hugh Hu

vandaag zo 7 jun

A man and a woman meet in the pouring rain. He is the leader of a gang, she is a prostitute. It is clear from the opening scene of The Wild Goose Lake: this is film noir. Like the classic noirs visualized the underbelly of the USA post-World War II, Director Diao Yi’Nan shows us the debauchery of contemporary China.

The lead actors from Daiao’s previous film Black Coal, Thin Ice are reunited. He does set a new course with this highly stylised successor. The plot is simple – the criminal, the prostitute, on the run from everything and everyone. But in The Wild Goose Lake it is all deliberately messed up until it becomes almost abstract.