Cine Expat: System Crasher

Regie: Nora Fingscheidt, Duitsland, 119 MIN, Duits, 12+

Cast: Albrecht Schuch, Helena Zengel


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In System Crasher the nine-year-old Benni (Helena Zengel) is struggling with childhood trauma, resulting in panic attacks and aggressive behavior. Her mother cannot handle the care as a single parent, so the social services take care of the girl.

But wherever she ends up, her behaviour makes things very difficult. After another failed attempt to help by the now desperate social worker Mrs. Bafané (Gabriela Maria Schmeide), Micha (Albrecht Schuch) is called in. He is a young anti-aggression coach whose job is to guide Benni to school.

Micha believes in methods other than just administering medicines and takes Benni to a forest hut. Here they spend a few weeks together, giving the child a chance to be a child in peace. As time goes by their relationship intensives and the boundaries between work and private life are quickly becoming blurred for the young father. Will Micha succeed where all other social services failed?

System Crasher was the German Oscar candidate and won several prizes including a Silver Bear at the Berlin Film Festival.