Cine Expat: Son-Mother

Regie: Mahnaz Mohammadi, Iran, 102 MIN, Perzisch, 12+

Cast: Mahan Nasiri, Raha Khodayari, Reza Behbudi

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Leila is a hard-working widow with a twelve year-old son and a two year-old daughter. The factory where she works is in dire straits and Leila fears for her job.

Then bus driver Kazem’s marriage proposal offers a potential way out. However, Kazem has a daughter, who’s twelve. According to Iranian religious tradition, a boy and a girl who are not related by blood are not to live together under one roof. Kazem suggests having Leila’s son move somewhere else until his daughter has been wed, but Leila refuses this.

When Leila’s daughter suddenly falls very ill and Kazem is the only one with the means to afford her medication, forcing Leila to face an unimaginable dilemma.

Source: Film By The Sea