Cine Expat: The Forgotten Battle

Regie: Matthijs van Heijningen, Nederland, 124 MIN, Nederlands, Engels, Duits, 16+

Cast: Gijs Blom, Susan Radder, Jamie Flatters, Tom Felton



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November, 1944. In the town of Walcheren in Zeeland, The Netherlands, tens of thousands of allied and German troops are locked in combat. The paths of a Dutch boy fighting for the Germans cross with those of an English glider pilot and a Dutch girl who has reluctantly joined the resistance.

They face essential, lasting choices about their own freedom and that of others. The film centers around the Battle of the Scheldt, fought in the late 1944 in Zeeland and the region of West-Brabant, resulting in the deaths of over 10,000 people. The battle, which proved crucial in determining the course of World War II and is known as one of the most essential and gruelling of the Western European theater. Nevertheless, it has been underrepresented in historical accounts.

Until now.  The Forgotten Battle (De Slag om de Schelde) tells the story of this crucial event in history through the eyes of three different characters, each dealing with war and freedom in their own way.