Cine Expat: Plus que jamais

Regie: Emily Atef, Frankrijk, Duitsland, Luxemburg, Noorwegen, 122 MIN, Frans, Engels, Noors, 12+

Cast: Vicky Krieps, Gaspard Ulliel, Bjørn Floberg

Sat 3 Dec Tue 6 Dec


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Hélène and Mathieu have been happy together for many years.

The bond between them is deep. Faced with an existential decision, Hélène travels alone to Norway to seek peace, an act that will test the strength of their love.

De pers over Cine Expat: Plus que jamais

  • Plus que jamais’s power is understated and controlled. It’s a film about life despite death, and a woman desperate to control her fate. The Hollywood Reporter