Cine Expat: Ninjababy

Regie: Yngvild Sve Flikke, Noorwegen, 103 MIN, Noors, 12+

Cast: Arthur Berning, Kristine Thorp

Sun 29 May Mon 30 May


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When Rakel (23), way too late, finds out she’s six months pregnant after a not-so-romantic one-night stand, her world changes.

Her boyfriend, who’s not the father, is kind of ok with her having a baby. But Rakel is absolutely not ready for being a mother. Since abortion is no longer an option, adoption is the only answer. That’s when Ninjababy, an animated character who insists on making Rakel’s everyday life a living hell, turns up. He climbs out from her note book, jumps into her tea cup, and tells her what a bad person she is.