Cine Expat: La Vérité

Regie: Hirokazu Kore-eda, Frankrijk, 106 MIN, Frans, Engels, AL

Cast: Juliette Binoche, Catherine Deneuve, Ludivine Sagnier, Ethan Hawke

CineDiner Kaarten

Fabienne, French film icon, is loved by everyone around her. To celebrate the launch of Fabienne’s memoir, her daughter Lumir and her family return to Paris from New York.

Lumir is not surprised to find that everything in her parent’s home still revolves around mother. Incredulously, she reads her mom’s fantastical biography. Fabienne, however, hardly has the time to contemplate her daughter’s questions about the memoir – she is busy preparing for a new film project.

The reunion between mother and daughter descends into a fierce confrontation, where long-hidden traumas are revived and the truth is finally unearthed.