Cine Expat: I Am Greta

Regie: Nathan Grossman, Zweden, 102 MIN, Zweeds, Engels, AL

Cast: Greta Thunberg

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Beautiful and touching film about climate activist Greta Thunberg. With unprecedented access to her life, the audience is able to see the story beyond what’s readily available on the news. An impressive, intimate and extraordinary tale of persistence, tragedy, happiness and inspiration all come together in a unique, never before seen way.

A somewhat earnest looking 15 year old student sits in front of the Swedish parliament, alone and against the explicit wishes of her parents. The girl is on strike, in an effort to make politicians take note of the climate crisis and put it on their agenda. Without success – at first. But as the weeks go on, more students join the young Greta in her plight. Her videos starts racking up more and more shares on social media.

Three years earlier. Greta becomes deeply depressed after seeing a film in school about starving polar bears, hurricane and droughts. She stops eating and talking and falls seriously ill. It’s not until she realizes that she could be taking action, that she starts to regain her faith in life.

As her protest gains in power, she blossoms – while the world around her burns and her parents become increasingly agitated, Greta seems to come into her own. Headstrong and intelligent as she is, she almost completely eludes her parents’ grasp. She knows what she wants and she wants to accomplish it herself.

What follows is a truly incredible story, one that Hollywood wouldn’t have been able to come up with if it had tried and which leads to an electrifying climax in the sailing trip that is supposed to bring her to the UN conference in New York. A film that will leave you deeply moved, I Am Greta from director Nathan Grossman is a personal and intimate documentary, shot in cinéma vérité style and following Greta extremely closely as she meets world leaders, organizes protest and spends time with her family at home. The film premiered at the Venice International Film Festival and premieres in Dutch film theatres on October 22.