Cine Expat: Here We Are

Regie: Nir Bergman, Israël, 92 MIN, Hebreeuws,

Cast: Noam Imber, Smadi Wolfman, Shai Avivi



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Aharon has sacrificed his career in order to take care of his autistic adult son, Uri. Uri’s mother Tamara feels Uri should learn to stand on his own two feet, but when she arranges for him to be taken into an assisted living facility, it’s Aharon who resists the most. The two men proceed to go on the run.

Screenwriter Dana Idisis was previously involved with the Israeli tv show On the Spectrum, which covered similar themes. But it’s not just her expertise in the subject that infuses Here We Are with authenticity. Actor Noam Imber embodies Uri in an astonishing way, believably portraying an autistic twenty-something who’s trying to keep his head high in a less than understanding world.

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  • Tender road trip with outstanding performances The Guardian ★ ★ ★ ★