Cine Expat: Dichtbij Vermeer

Regie: Suzanne Raes, Netherlands, 79 MIN, English & Dutch with English subtitles, AL

Cast: Gregor Weber, Abbie Vandivere, Anna Krekeler

Sun 2 Apr Mon 3 Apr


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English subtitles

Award-winning filmmaker Suzanne Raes follows the curators and others involved with putting together the big Vermeer exhibition in the Rijksmuseum.

Much has been written about Johannes Vermeer, the artist responsible for iconic paintings and popular favourites such as The Milkmaid and Girl with a Pearl Earring, but we know relatively little, his legacy consisting of a significant, but small body of work. Globally renowned Vermeer scholar and flamboyant curator at Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum, Gregor Weber, takes us up close to Vermeer. During the year before his retirement, he works towards his ultimate dream: to put on the biggest Vermeer exhibition ever. Close To Vermeer is a remarkable documentary on the love of painting, and the anatomy of a genius.

Source: Eye