Cine Expat: Corpus Christi

Regie: Jan Komasa, Polen, 116 MIN, Pools, 16+

Cast: Eliza Rycembel, Bartosz Bielenia, Aleksandra Konieczna

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This gripping, rough-edged, Oscar-nominated drama is based on true and remarkable events: citizens in remote towns pretending to be priests. Sometimes with a real vocation – and sometimes not. In Corpus Christi, a 20-year-old delinquent dreams of a career as a priest. But with his criminal record, Daniel has little chance. As a young criminal, society has written him off already.

During work experience at a sawmill, the young man sneaks off to the local chapel, where he is mistaken for a young priest – and these are in short supply. Like the real thing, Daniel – at first hesitantly – steps into the pulpit. Until he discovers his charisma and that he really can mean something to this congregation, who are struggling with a trauma. Ever more self-assured, this brand-new unorthodox priest decides to help the locals. In the meantime, Daniel secretly grapples with his inner demons and the fear that his violent, criminal past will catch up with him.

Bron: IFFR