By the Grace of God

Regie: François Ozon, Frankrijk, 137 MIN, Frans, 6+

Cast: Melvil Poupaud, Denis Ménochet, Swann Arlaud

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In By the Grace of God, director François Ozon (Jeune & Jolie) follows three victims of child abuse, who unite in an action group. The film is based on a controversial case about priest Bernard Preynat in France.

Alexandre leads a quiet life with his family. One day he accidentally discovers that the priest who abused him in his youth still works with children. He decides to take action and starts an action group with two other victims to make the abuse known within the Catholic Church. They are dumbfounded when the number of victims becomes clear and when it appears that the abuse has been withheld in the highest circles within the church. The consequences of the scandal revealed cannot be foreseen and will change their lives forever.

By the Grace of God won the Silver Bear, the most prestigious prize, at the Berlin film festival. Nevertheless, the film creates a lot of  controversy in France. Preynat denies being innocent and tried in vain to stop the release of this film until after his trial.