Cine Expat: About Endlessness

Regie: Roy Anderson, Germany, Norway, Sweden, 76 MIN, Swedish, 12+

Cast: Bengt Bergius, Jan-Eje Ferling, Martin Serner

CineDiner Kaarten

Roy Anderson’s (Songs From The Second Floor, You The Living) unique cinema is instantly recognizable: his films are melancholy, empathic vignettes that capture humanity’s comical absurdity and vulnerability.

Anderson uses soft lighting and often spectacular studio set-ups to create this effect. At Cinecenter, we greatly admire this Swedish master who, fortunately, after a 5-year wait, has once again updated his canon with a reflection on human life in all its beauty and cruelty, its splendor and banality.

The viewer is guided into the world of About Endlessness by the soft voice of a woman. A girl grabs a boys hand for the first time; a father ties his daughter’s shoelaces in the pouring rain; a young woman waits for het date. There are also moments of banal cruelty: a man drags forth a cross; a crippled war veteran sits by the side of the road and a father holds his dead son – a veritable cornucopia.