Interested in a cinedinner before or after a watching a film in Cinecenter? For €26,50 p.p., you can enjoy a delicious dinner at Morlang, and a film at Cinecenter!


  1. Choose a film under our Agenda, then click on the film to the film page;
  2. Click on the Cinedinner button, on the right side of page;
  3. You will land in the Cinedinner webshop;
  4. Here you can choose the number of Cinedinners, your seats in the cinema, fill in your personal info and check your payment method;
  5. Attached to your confirmation mail will be an e-ticket for the film, which also serves as your payment voucher at your restaurant.


At restaurant Morlang, just a few minutes walk from Cinecenter, you can enjoy a delicious Cinedinner before or after the film. Below is a short description of the restaurant and an online reservation module where, after purchasing your Cinedinner arrangement you can make your reservation. Please state ‘Cinedinner’, together with your e-ticket number, and any allergy considerations.

Restaurant Morlang

Keizersgracht 451, Amsterdam, Tel: 020 625 26 81

Morlang is beautifully situated on the Keizersgracht, a 5-minute walk from Cinecenter. In this cozy restaurant, you can enjoy a surprise Cinedinner entrée, choosing from meat, fish or vegetarian. Food allergies are considered.

Cinedinner is served daily from 17:30 onward.